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Workstation clients were registering directly to DNS, but not updating (they got stale and thus useless). I am also admin for all DNS servers (& all Windows devices in the enterprise): you have no restrictions! If the DHCP server appears not to have permission to update DNS, how can I give it permission? I don't want clients (workstations) to update DNS anymore: I want only DHCP to do it.Problem solved: I deleted all client (workstation) records from DNS - both in the Forward and Reverse Lookup zones.All my web browsers had the same issue which confirmed, this is not a browser problem.

Please, note that some distributions by default do not install DNS caching service, so flushing the DNS cache might not be required or possible without further package manipulation. This DHCP server is configured to ALWAYS register clients with DNS automatically and to delete A & PTR records when leases are expired. All DHCP clients run Windows XP (SP2) - this shouldn't matter 5. I have a DHCP member server (Windows Server 2003) that is authorized and working 3.For Windows XP: Close all Internet applications that you are using, such as email client, and web browsers. Enter in the text field, the command "cmd" and hit ENTER (Select OK).In the new black window enter ipconfig /flushdns and then hit the ENTER button on your keyboard.

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