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Bellfield's solicitor Julie Cooper said the 49-year-old had complained to the prison authorities about contact from Stone.

Dismissing the new evidence, he said: 'God help Mr Stone and our justice system if Mr Baker's manipulation and lies are relied upon.' Bellfield, who is now known as Yusuf Rahim, added: 'It appears Mr Baker has made an allegation of a so-called cell confession.'In my view such vile, untrue allegations don't warrant a response.I don't mean drugs, but I thought I might become an egomaniac. (2003), Adam did not want to venture into another television show so soon, so he passed on the role.I will admit that I've caught myself about to act like a diva. In 2007, he was set to play the role of Ned on Criando malvas (2007). It was rumored that the producers and ABC offered him a salary of 0,000 per episode.They claim the 'confession' to a fellow inmate – understood to be notorious sex offender Richard Baker – contains details known only to the person who really carried out the killings.Baker claimed Bellfield told him it was 'deeply hilarious that numpty Stone is serving life for what I did', The Sun reported.

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He had already been jailed for six years for rape in 1987 and is suspected of raping more than 100 women, including scores of teenagers.

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